Personal actualization through mastery of the subconscious...

The mission of LIFEMUSE is to facilitate the realization,

expression, and experience of one's true Self. The

foundational understanding is that each individual

or group carries within itself the complete wisdom

and ability to experience reality in alignment with

its highest and best interest.

Supporting the mission of LIFEMUSE are a set of

processes called PSYCH-K®. The processes are

extremely broad and flexible enough to pinpoint

necessary changes for any individual or group. Changes are made

directlty at the subconscious level of the mind. The end result is an expansion beyond previously internalized limiting thinking and programs, leading to more freedom - to live, love, laugh, and learn.

LIFEMUSE supports and facilitates personal responsibility and self-empowerment to the extent to which one is ready, willing, and able to experience. From this state of being, one is much better equipped to take charge of one's own life internally while being a stronger positive influence externally, without the need to control.