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PSYCH-K® Events

Spiritual processes with psychological and physical benefits...

PSYCH-K® Workshops & Events

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Basic Workshop


Advanced Integration Workshop

Health and Wellbeing Program

Divine Integration Retreat

Basic Workshop Dates & Locations

January 20-21, Hayward, California

March 10-12, Berkeley, California

March 17-19, Van Nuys, California

March 24-26, Phoenix, Arizona

Mar 30-Apr 1, Las Vegas, Nevada

Basic Workshop Description

Beginning March, all Basic Workshops offered by Stan will be extended to 3 days with the 3rd day providing an opportunity to facilitate and experience what was learned in the first 2 days.

The PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop is delivered in an interactive manner to effectively facilitate learning and skill development. The workshop includes a balanced mix of lecture, group discussion, demonstration and participation.

☙ Learn how and why PSYCH-K® works and how best to take advantage of it in your life.

☙ Understand the difference between the brain and the mind and their roles in changing subconscious beliefs and programming.

☙ Learn how to use kinesiological muscle testing with respect to changing subconscious beliefs specifically for PSYCH-K®.

☙ Learn how to communicate with the subconscious in its own language.

☙ Learn two processes you can immediately use to directly change subconscious programming and beliefs.

☙ Expand your idea of what you can change and experience through your own innate wisdom.

☙ 3rd day for facilitating and experiencing the processes beginning March, 2018.

☙ A brief discussion of additional PSYCH-K® workshops and opportunities.