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Spiritual actualization through mastery of the subconscious...

Contact Information

Stan Hall

(415) 850-6871

Pollock Pines, California

Experience & Education

☙ Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor

Basic, Pro, Advanced Integration Workshops,

Divine Integration Retreat

☙ 25 years of self-study, practice, and application in personal growth and  transformation.

☙ 3 years of study and application in energy work

Foundation for Spiritual Development, San Rafael, California

☙ Alpha-1 Brainwave Neurofeedback Training

Biocybernaut Institute, Vancouver, Canada

☙ 15 years corporate service : Customer Service, Management, Training

Mercedes-Benz Credit / DaimlerChrysler Services

☙ MBA - Emphasis: Finance & Organizational Theory

Personal Interests

The pursuit of ever-expanding curiosity of human potential and a pragmatic approach to the application of "whatever works!"

Committed to personal responsibility and self-empowerment through self-reflection, external feedback, contemplation, and the application of PSYCH-K tools to internalize wisdom and insight.

And, of course, laughing whenever possible with the intent to invite rather than offend or ridicule.