Private Facilitation

Spiritual actualization through mastery of the subconscious...

PSYCH-K® Private Faciliation

If you prefer working with specific issues privately,

contact Stan Hall to schedule an appointment.

Exchange rate for private facilitation:

Phone sessions only: $150 per hour, prorated

according the time needed for each session.

How It Works...

Different than the workshop experience, private

facilitation exclusively provides opportunities to

attend directly to a desired change, applying the

tools without spending time on learning the tools.

Many people have similar challenges, difficulties, or circumstances, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. The beliefs or perceptions creating the situations are often different and sometimes not remotely similar.

Some fields of thought, such as that of Louise Hay, point to common themes with dis-eases representing specifics beliefs or blocks. The perspective with PSYCH-K® does not assume this is the case yet embraces the possibility. Specific protocols and approaches using kinesiological muscle testing facilitate access to the individual’s innate wisdom. This wisdom provides guidance and insight for discovering the specific needs of the individual. From this perspective, customized changes an order to make the most effective and efficient changes to move toward a desired experience.

There is no way to determine how many balances or how many sessions will be necessary to make any particular change. A clear intent is always held throughout every session that any initial work with any situation will be sufficient and complete so that the change will manifest with no further PSYCH-K® facilitation. Often this is the case, and sometimes, not everything is available to change in the moment.

Private facilitation is also a wonderful way to experience PSYCH-K® directly, without having to commit to the time and expense of the workshops.

Telephone Sessions

Almost all PSYCH-K® balances can be facilitated over the phone using a process called Surrogation, a tool learned in the Advanced Integration Workshop. Facilitation over the phone is equally as effective as direct facilitation. Many people prefer direct, face to face facilitation but often the time and expense to meet together is inconvenient or prohibitive. Phone facilitation provides an additional level of flexibility with these situations.

PSYCH-K® facilitation is as effective over the phone as it is face to face. Surrogation is used to connect with the partner’s subconscious. The facilitator uses self-testing as the communication device with the partner’s subconscious. The partner is coached through the processes and will experience all parts of the change processes except the direct muscle testing.