Spiritual actualization through mastery of the subconscious...

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PSYCH-K® Success Stories

Basic Workshop Comments:

“Stan has the ability to share the info with

everyone's level of understanding in mind.

He is patient, well informed, personable, and

a real pleasure to listen to and work with.

                                   G. C., Basic Workshop

“Stan keeps the class on track and allows the participants to do the necessary work to learn the process.”

H. D., Basic Workshop

“Sense of humor, extreme patience, ability to articulate so all types of learners are able to understand info.”

C. K., Basic Workshop

“Just exceptional! Thank you for your genuine nurturing, guidance, patience and wisdom! It is a joy to know you and a pleasure to have learned so much from you. You are a very special person! Much love, adoration and may God Bless You!” 

D.D. S., Basic Workshop

“Patience, positive, thorough and especially affirming the limitlessness that we are.”

G. D., Basic Workshop

“Humor and sincerely caring about the participants. Personal interaction - Stan was there when I needed him.”

   K. E., Basic Workshop

“Clear communicator and fun at the same time. Clearly pointed out the differences between PSYCH-K and other modalities.”

   S. M., Basic Workshop

“Helpful communication skills. Careful to respond to each person's questions."

   W. K., Basic Workshop


Advanced Integration Workshop Comments:

“This is the third class I have taken with Stan and just love the way he keeps things clear, simple and uncomplicated as PSYCH-K should be. I give thanks for being able to share this growth experience with such a wonderful facilitator and teacher.”

C. K., Advanced Workshop

“Stan is an excellent facilitator. His energy brings added meaning to the learning process. He handles all situations well, keeps on track and on time.”

G. J., Advanced Workshop

“Stan is an excellent, caring and well-prepared instructor. He goes the extra mile!”

M. W., Advanced Workshop

“Stan is charming and a magician at making people feel at ease! Such fun to do workshops with him. He is also knowledgeable. WOW!”

M. A., Advanced Workshop

“Stan is an excellent instructor! He has a calming, inviting and easy going energy which helps me learn and feel at ease doing it. His ability to present the material to be learned is a true gift and makes the learning process fun as well as informative and profound. I can feel how he believes in what he teaches.”

G. C., Advanced Workshop

“Stan just is. His wonderful energy is present, clear, focused, share, whole-brained, balanced, giving. And I am honored to have mingled energy with him.”

D. B., Advanced Workshop

“The light and knowledge that flows from him is a blessing to all. Love this man!”

G. J., Advanced Workshop

“Stan is a wild, funny energy being who's out to make a huge impact on this planet with as much fun and curiosity as he can be in the field of wonder.”

G. D., Advanced Workshop

“Life changing experience that will speed me on my journey.” 

C. N., Advanced Workshop

“The Advanced Workshop has opened me up to feeling very confident in utilizing the techniques with more people. It seems to fully integrate with the philosophy of my soft tissue & energetic practice. It more dearly helped me to understand why 'intent' is so important - the theory behind the fact. I personally feel more at ease just being me.”

D. B., Advanced Workshop

“This was a very freeing and empowering experience. The tools are priceless. It is well organized and a gift to this planet. Thank you!”

G. D., Advanced Workshop

“This has been an AWESOME experience and valuable lesson/tool gathering. Stan is an incredible instructor with sincere passion and clarity about PSYCH-K. As well he has a wonderful gift for presenting this material. He has helped me change and grow. PSYCH-K has been an excellent vehicle for this. Thank you, Rob Williams!”

G. C., Advanced Workshop

“Extraordinary! I've learned so much and yet don't quite have a handle on all I've learned and processed because so much has happened. The balances and tools are extraordinary. Stan's clarity, diligence, humor and gentleness makes him a very effective teacher.”

J. P., Advanced Workshop

“I feel so excited and filled with joy! I also appreciated how Stan kept the program on track.”

L. K., Advanced Workshop

“Wow! This was a deeply moving experience and Stan facilitated with joyful playfulness, sensitivity and dignity. I feel like what I have learned has gone in deeply. I have made connections that will assist in practicing and I experienced the balance in ways that were exactly what I needed.”

M. A., Advanced Workshop

Comments about the PSYCH-K Processes:

“Great system, wonderful integrity!”

    W. K., Basic Workshop

“Excellent! While challenging, it is very doable. I embrace the process and look forward to continued learning and growth!”

   D.D. S., Basic Workshop

“The simplicity and potential of PSYCH-K is amazing and so exciting! I 'believe' it could change humanity as we know it...for the better. I am grateful to Stan and Rob for sharing it with me and I promise to share it with many. God Bless You.”

   G. C., Basic Workshop

“Really enjoy the simplicity of PSYCH-K as far as the facilitation goes - just hold the intention (recognition) that the person's Higher Self/Subconscious will bring about the changes through the balances.”

   C. K., Basic Workshop

“This program has released my inner energy and I feel that I have liberated myself and opened the door to my own personal happiness. It is now that I look forward to being who I truly am each and every day. It is now that I am wholly connected. I found peace within myself.”

B. D., Basic Workshop

“Two thumbs up! I feel much more vibrant and excited to live up to my full potential. I feel lighter and refreshed. This workshop gave me confidence that I could successfully integrate my conscious and subconscious to create beautiful healing works of art effortlessly in my business."

 L. C., Basic Workshop

“This workshop was a life changing experience. After the first day, I could already feel a shift in my inner reality. The balance between lecture and hands-on experience was just right. Experiencing and sharing this material with other people was much more effective than just reading about it at home. I highly recommend it to everyone!”

J. C., Basic Workshop

“This was a most incredible experience! I continue to be amazed at how my beliefs, and thus my life, can be changed with such speed and ease! How it manifests in my life is also amazing to watch! Incredible!”

L. P., Basic Workshop

"It was amazing to feel such great physical change.  All of the participants were open to and welcoming change.  I liked that I share some common issues and at the same time was able to watch other individuals process.  I am so glad I came."

M. L., Basic Workshop